Comments from WilliamKay

Date Story title Comment
2014-05-03 04:30:33 How the Fish became Popular Fun story, but the some paragraph structure would have made it so much easier to read.
2010-11-10 03:05:32 Sorry, man. WAY too young.
2011-01-11 03:48:53 The Professor's Daughter-Part 1 Ah! You're a damn tease, Fly!
2011-01-11 03:50:34 Watersports Other than Surfing Wow. I'm not usually into watersports, but that was damn good!
2011-02-07 14:55:48 It's a rare thing for me to read one of these stories all the way through, but this one caught me from the very beginning. I'm glad I stuck with it! Magnificent!