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2011-09-12 15:39:39 All of you, anonymous. Nice to see the ever present fuck wit has company. Why the fuck shouldn't I object to abusive comments, you cretin.
And as for the 2/10 wanker, write something shit for brains, go on fucking write something and show me how fucking good you are you little snot brain.
And yes, from now on, I will fucking ban anonymous comments on my stories so ignorant opinionated air heads like you can't put stupid comments on something I put a lot of thought and effort into creating.
2011-09-13 03:45:31 I started this story with this
Hopefully the title gives it away but just to be doubly sure this is a story in which the characters , all female, have hairy bodies. If that is creepy for you it would pay to stop here and find something else to read.
If not, well hope you like it.
I named it hairy Girls. I did everything I could to warn people who might find women with hairy bodies objectionable not to read it but you did.
How you can compare what goes on in this story with scat I have no idea. Armpit licking is a genre you will find on every porn site, it is no big deal.
Now I have Cretins Are Us with another surge of fatuous drivel. Its not to your taste? Wonderful, find something that is and leave this one for the grown ups.
2011-09-14 00:18:07 What a spineless bunch of wankers you children really are. Can't you stand the thought of real bodies?
I wait with baited breath for the next pitiful, immature comment from one of you. Hey the liar who claims to be 39 and had 150 women in his life didn't you go down on any of them? Were they all on your Computer screen?
Keep 'em coming boys and don't forget my invitation to write something yourself. Its easy criticize, much harder to -I suppose that's a bit too much of a challenge for you given, from what I've seen in your posts, that you are barely literate.
2011-09-14 03:41:14 "You like?" she asked and we shared a smile as she brought her arm over so her armpit was on my face. I licked and sucked on her armpit hair relishing her scent.Odd as it must sound I was intoxicated by the aroma and lay breathing in the smell of her armpit and then sliding over her and licking on the other one.

When Martie and Jules got back they stripped off and came out back to join us. They weren't as gamey as us so they did a frantic Zumba style work out to get as sweaty as they could. We got up partway through and did it with them so by the time we finished all four of us were dripping with sweat and both Martie and Jules wanted my face in their armpits and I got to know the different scent each of them had. It all made me wish my armpit hair would grow but even so I lay with my arms up and they kissed my two day old stubble for me.

Don't you like that? Tough. It happens and the women who do it love it
Think of those pungent armpit odours in your nostrils boys. Mmmm
2011-09-14 05:47:20 "Big whoop 39yo and your 150 scores : I'm 26 and I've had over 30 girls when I was in high school and well over 100 @ what, still no Casanova but I'm curious who in their right mind also born after 1960 likes girls with hairy armpits and hairy asses and pussies YOU SICK FUCK TURDIENT SHITVOYEUR fucking kill yourself already!
Die shithair nigger faggot"
You sad little cunt.