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2011-09-14 20:43:29 What I would really like to know is why those of you who bother to be obsessed with a story that has had so few reads hate it so much.

Its really pretty mild; there's no piss drinking or golden showers, there's no scat and regardless of whether you like it or not the activities I describe do happen. So, if one of you could put away the obscenities, just this once , and try to answer the question I would be very grateful.
2011-09-19 04:33:26 Rachael and the Neighborhood Roast Positive from me, very much in the Dolcett theme and not too short at all.
The form of "there" you wanted was the possessive "their" but otherwise punctuation and grammar were pretty good.
2011-09-19 19:50:17 Rachael and the Neighborhood Roast This is very much a Dolcett story and there are some conventions in Dolcett which have to do with how long the victim lives after being gutted or spitted; namely much longer than you might think possible.