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2011-10-15 02:06:44 Because I can sweet heart, because I can.
2011-10-16 05:04:13 well you certainly have pushing the button repeatedly nailed you little rocket scientist you. Did you enjoy Hairy Girls Part 2? I wrote it just to piss you off.

Why don't you join our happy community and become a member?

Oh,yes, you're a gutless wonder, sorry I forgot.
2012-01-05 01:33:58 Full Moon Rising: Part 2 and on what basis have you stuck the cannibalism tag on this?

They both appear to be vegetarian
2012-01-11 06:05:00 Festival. 4041 reads for a story as good as this. Truly BR there is no justice
2012-02-29 21:19:54 Andrew - CAW 10 This is authentic Vicki, very well written indeed.