Comments from Prurient Purveyer

Date Story title Comment
2014-04-25 23:32:09 Meat Girl Part 2 Another suspenseful episode. Nicely done.
2010-09-08 01:44:02 VAGINAFEST - Chapter 1 This is stunningly good. I've got this on my favourites list now.So there.
2010-09-09 04:19:30 The Planned Rape This is really hot. Exceptionally well written and authentic on the detail.
2010-09-09 04:24:03 A long Naughty Session This is hot and racey from start to finish.
It is so good to get the female perspective on this type of sex other than just the mechanics of what went on.
2010-09-09 21:03:02 Beginning of a good holiday Very hot, pleasantly authentic.