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2013-02-12 01:58:33 Thanks for the kind thoughts (comment One) and good luck to you (comment Two)
I wrote this as a personal self discovery/ love story first and a sex story second.

Glad you like it.
2013-02-24 05:10:16 Why do you bother? You have left comments on five or so of my stories and no one has told you they like what you've put. I just ignore them now, they're all the same with some pitiful play on the non de plume I use and an obsession with shit.

And who's a loser? Someone like me with 63 stories posted, a Recommended Writer and a respected voice on both the story site and the forum. One who's opinions on other writers' work are listened to and followed or you, an anonymous writer of childishly abusive comments on my stories.

Go work that one out you winner you.
2013-02-27 01:36:24 You had better get a move on and write your puerile comments on more of the stories here because I have asked XNXX to remove all my stories.

I will no longer post here because of you nor will I read any of the crap you choose to inflict on anyone unfortunate to glance at what you have written.
2014-04-06 09:50:10 The Party I love this story Katie. A real Dolcett tale. I hope you have more in the pipeline.