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2010-11-18 23:53:40 In reply to the what the fuck posters. No I didn't put the slashes on the story it appears to have come from the hack on the site and this and other stories put out after OCt 3 are affected.

Pisses me off more than I can say but I guess at least the story is up so that's something.
2010-12-02 03:16:11 Eat Me Good to see you posting another story Dinner. Outstanding as usual. Hope to see more from you.
2010-12-02 03:40:25 Eat Me Its cannibalism, which is the they eat her part and vore which is her wanting to be eaten- not gore, vore.

dinner and kaosangel have taken this theme to a whole new level. These stories are just so bloody hot.
Well done and keep writing!
2010-12-17 05:56:05 I wrote it and I think its actually pretty good. Perhaps nhawk700s could use one of his extensive list of stories to show how it should be done.

opps, sorry, he hasn't actually written anything, he's just a self appointed expert.
2010-12-18 04:33:38 How exactly is " this story left a lot to be desired" nice?

It is at best an arrogant and gratuitous insult and fully deserved the PM (not email) I sent you.

If you want to show me how well you can write then go ahead, if you wish to point any technical issues then also go ahead but if you decide on a capricious little whim that you don't like the story but don't know why then by all means say you didn't like it - although why you should bother, other than just to be nasty, I wouldn't know.

Just don't make insulting remarks you can't substantiate.