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2011-08-26 05:30:08 Thanks for your input you Moron. I put as much warning as I could before you got to the fucking story you Bozo.

And what the fuck is amp#58401 supposed to mean anyway Shit For Brains
2011-08-27 02:33:15 You are so frantic in your insults, from the style I suspect its just one double digit IQ tosser who's written the last few insults, that I suspect you are secretly drawn to the world of the "natural woman " and wants, through strenuous denial, to reassure yourself that you are not.

Just admit it, embrace your fetish and move on to write your puerile anonymous comments on some other unfortunate author's work.

Or write yourself and show me how talented you are.

And by the way I am very happy with this story so why don't we work as a team: I'll find the dead bear and you can stick your head up its bum.
2011-08-27 06:20:51 So show me how its done you brave anonymous wanker
2011-08-28 18:47:22 Even more anonymous readers having their two cents worth.

This site caters to a range of erotic interests and the tags give you the chance to avoid topics you may find offensive or unsettling.

You chose to read this and now you try to deny any interest by your childish rants. Every one of you is a young male, you are all virgins and your sex life involves ladies on your computer screen and your hand.

Who likes smelly women? Well Napoleon did, true, look it up?

Also, grow up. Please
2011-08-30 04:17:14 Yes you are virgins, yes you are young and yes you have had no romantic involvement with a female.

You ask for an address and yet you write anonymous comments.
How brave is that?