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2011-09-09 07:02:39 Go fuck yourself arsehole
2011-09-10 04:31:12 You are the only one writing the abusive comments fuck face.
Can you smell the armpits sunshine.? Fuck I hope so you miserable piece of shit.
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2011-09-10 16:24:52 Two more comments by the same retard. Who are you trying to kid wanker?
2011-09-11 18:33:02 its just you dipstick.
2011-09-12 04:17:07 Work on my subject matter, what does that mean? You didn't like it. Tough shit. Women are hairy, you might be used to them shaving but some don't. Their choice, this was a story about them. I should have put a tag on it "immature little male virgins please don't read."