Comments from Prurient Purveyer

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2010-05-18 04:26:48 Nice work, well told.
2010-06-20 07:05:41 Thank you , nice to know someone has enjoyed it.
2010-06-22 03:19:39 Actually it doesn't. I rather liked Karen but I sadly the poor girl has done her dash.
But fear not, more works are in the pipeline.
2010-07-06 17:02:59 The day I learned to masturbate! part 1 very sexy, well told.
Some work on grammar , using capitals and breaking it up into paragraphs or even just chunks of print would really help make the nexrt one easier to read.
ignore the idiot above , you have talent, keep going.
2010-08-07 16:51:08 Sophie's Summer Holiday Superb story Janey. You held me from start to finish.