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2010-07-09 03:11:14 Used and abused in my first foursome. I should tell everybody about an ex girlfriend that would do ANYTHING i dreamed up and i have a very good imagination!!!!!!!!!! good story ,keep it up..
2010-07-10 03:07:10 Childhood Fantasy I got to wonder why some of these people are in here reading the young section and then saying bad things about the story. Why don't they stay the FUCK out of here and jack off to better homes and gardens. good story keep it up...
2010-07-10 03:15:04 BABYSITTER DELUXE write some more. fuck the assholes that don't like it.
2010-07-18 02:02:47 Papa and Megan-The Beginning (Reposted) good story keep it up
2010-07-18 02:22:32 the guy that said whoever reads this is a sick fuck.WELL than YOU that posted a comment on 5-25-2010 MUST be a sick fuck to be reading and then commenting on it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! good story. read (my 7year old sister and me) that i wrote.