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2011-02-08 10:39:25 Forced... @ anonymous reader 2010-06-03
And learn to spell san francisco. As to getting raped, if you give me your address, I'll see what I can work out.
2011-02-08 10:58:25 I like the story.

But kitty die is much sad.

lol-ending not good.
2011-04-19 14:06:56 Rapture Please, detailed criticism e.g. why isn't it your cup of tea?
2011-08-03 07:01:27 Rapture If you read honey let's fuck the kids, I think that's more what you're looking for. I find it a submissive act in itself.
2013-03-27 07:30:19 Personality fluid Nice name. I'm having trouble finding your work on here, if you could give me a link, or the name of a story, or your online name, that'd be good.