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2010-06-21 07:33:51 It all started on the school bus. good story, reminds me of a tiem in my life very much like that. I'd let you eat my pussy anytime you want!!
2010-07-25 01:43:14 seducing my little cousin Sage I love stories about little boys and their inqizzitive minds. They all are willing to do just about anything. Write more and let him suck your cock and cum in his mouth. You can cum in my mouth anytime too.
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2010-09-10 01:01:40 rest area fun I have to tell you, I have gotten more opportunities at rest stops than any other time I remember. Guys are ready more than not to get with it and you just need to let them know you want it me!!!
2010-09-26 02:49:04 Late night with young boys Cajun, I only write true stories that I have experienced in my life. If it ends a little short of what you have in mind, I'm sorry but I can't elaborate on the truth. I have had several great times with boys and young girls, all of which I would love to share with you, but it's always a true story.