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2011-05-09 21:56:18 MIchelle Part 1 I will apologize for posting my stories in blocks like this, but it turns out that since I'm working somewhere that I can't access this website, I can only write while I'm working there, that means I have to post when I'm home. Since I've come down with a "writer's block" on part 5, look for another group later this summer when I'm home again. Expect this series to take some interesting twists, I hope you enjoy the reading as much as I enjoy the writing - but it's for me.

2011-11-21 21:58:00 Bait and Switch Ch. 06 This is a great series. A terrific storyline and real characters. You've managed to develop a set of fun, well developed people and created opportunities to have lots of sex while keeping the characters and dialogue believable in context. This is what all the real writers on here strive for. I welcome every new chapter.
2011-11-29 18:34:24 Jessica Part 10 Showing Tim Author's note:

This will be the last story I allow anonymous voting on. It seems there are a couple of trolls who follow me, and indiscriminately give me negative votes, just for spite. Maybe you don't like my life, maybe you don't like my stories. At least you'll have to sign in to vote from now on.
2011-12-23 23:54:51 Bait and Switch Ch. 16 As always, some terrific writing, a delight to read. We can only hope that when you finish this you come back with more. Your style and technique are second to none here.
2012-01-01 23:21:49 Bait and Switch Ch. 19 Not sure what you were apologizing for, as usual the story line is excellent, a little light on sex, but for a series as long and complex as this, the occasional chapter with a bit less sex is inevitable. Not sure why you're going to stop writing these, but if there's a way we can band together to convince you to reconsider, I'll gladly volunteer to head up the committee. This could easily be an erotic novel in it's own right, it's really that good.