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2011-04-11 13:06:53 MOM WANTS TO BE MY CUM BUCKET! - CHAPTER 5 I am sorry to say this but learn some human anatomy because women do not pee from there cunt. and also rick did not take Bec's cherry she already lost it to her mother, so do not lose track of your stories. Other then that its ok.
2011-04-11 20:28:38 My new bride. Part 3 Please any comments at all.
2011-04-17 20:02:28 I Raped my mom yes this is my version of that story because i liked the first so i am planning on continuing it
2011-04-18 02:38:32 I Raped my mom I do apologize to Blue Heart for extending his idea

and i here by give credit to the idea of a blind mother to Blue Heart.
2011-05-09 23:44:59 My Lovely twin. The mother had a already fertilized egg implanted in her so it wasnt her egg or anything she was not blood related to Kelly