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2012-01-16 21:08:55 Lost control in Library and Fucked her brains out I have to give you some props on this. I liked it and that is more than most people receive from me. I would just go into my detail on the sex aspect of the story. 8/10 from me.
2012-01-24 23:18:33 3 Evil Sisters-Part 4 I think you should slowly work back in the sisters. I would start with riley. Oh and i love this story by the way.
2012-01-26 11:13:22 I love my little brother I agree it was well written but thats about it. There was no build up, no anticipation, and worst of all a bad story.
2012-02-09 13:05:35 3 Evil Sisters-Part 6 I love this story. That is all i have to say.
2012-02-12 11:35:53 My Mom and My Dream Girl This story is very intriguing. I like it A+