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2010-06-08 18:03:31 Camping Fun Thanks to all of you who have posted positive comments, your support is appreciated.
On the other hand, it always amuses me to see how the naive and immature expose their inexperience of life by attempting to use a person’s age to insult them.

Actually, I re-read my saved copy of this story, before it cleared validation to be posted, and felt there were some ‘lumpy’ areas that could have been better written. I also spotted a few annoying typos and punctuation errors, (proofreading will make you crazy), and I have made a number of tweaks and changes. In fact, I am working on a series of ‘Robyn’ stories and have reworked my original post, (Reunion) to convert it to one of Robyn’s stories, (Robyn was actually an old girlfriend, though I wouldn’t know if she ever had any of the experiences that I’ve been writing her into).

I hope to start posting the Robyn stories in a, more or less, chronological order, including the revised version of this one, soon. But I have a number of oth