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2010-06-03 18:53:17 It all started on the school bus. Thanks everybody for your wonderful advice and comments. Part 2 is being validated and will hopefully post soon. To the reader that didn't enjoy it I am sorry. Thanks again to everybody else.
2012-10-17 23:35:30 My friend's daughter and a kiss part 2 For those offended that she calls me Uncle Mike. Read the first part of the story and you will see I am a family friend they call "Uncle Mike".
2013-11-11 15:47:07 How a Dog Forced me into Submission I love the story. Keep it up. I can't wait to read more. To the poster that knows the woman with the German Sheppards please contact me. I have a black lab mix and a 24yo gf that is dying to have him lick and fuck her. We would love some tips. Thanks