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2010-08-14 15:17:54 Vampire Ethan's Story About Ethan Part 1 Okay, do not give me a negative rating without a reason why! This story was made for a friend of mine based on a conversation we had. Ethan Patrick Rhodes is a real person, you can find him on Facebook or MySpace (he'd certainly love you to). So if you have a problem with this story, give suggestions, not negative ratings without a clear reason. He liked this story. I liked this story. Don't make this story look stupid to people who actually would like it by making it have a low percentage!
2011-09-28 21:24:23 Fang Alley Thank you. But please, more people, comment on this story! And if you like it at all, please give it a positive rating. I'd like to think I put more thought and effort into my stories, and it clearly marks that this is a dark story - so if this isn't for you, don't give it a negative rating! Just leave constructive criticism and I will consider your input.
2011-09-28 21:30:21 Fang Alley 2 Thank you! I've been wanting a vampire story that was both vicious but calm and not over emotional or a Twilight fan story. Now, I love a good-natured vampire as much as the next person, but we all want a hot vampire that will drink us to death and fuck us silly :)
2011-10-06 14:25:54 My Sweet Aiden Please, people, stop voting this negative without some kind of CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. I worked hard on this, and it's a sincere expression of how I feel for a very special someone in my life, someone who has been hurt a lot by the people he loves the most. The idea is that he can feel pain and still be happy and loved. He doesn't have to get off to pain and still suffer from someone who is abusing him or neglecting him. Most of you can't understand that kind of love, but that doesn't mean you get to vote it down when others have it. I put the voting on here because I have pride in my work. Probably should have turned it off.