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2010-06-17 02:59:46 EMMA`S LAP TOP To reader, love to hear what happened when your dad caught you, write about it please
2010-06-25 05:46:25 i agree the BO BO, has long as you can understand the story and its erotic then what the fuck does it matter. i get comments about my spelling etc but if the major part of the readers like it i dont worry to much.
any way erotically told story plenty of detail, and hope theres more to cum. the guy who commented about his sister and her friends hes one lucky fucker, wish i could take his place, perhaps he should write about it.
GREAT STORY KEEP EM CUMMING and us male readers to
2010-06-28 18:02:58 AN UNCLE AND HIS NIECE, PART 3, THE CONCLUSION to all those wanting part 4 i shall write it after this summers school break, its a true story, part 3 brings it up to date, the final part if there is one will be posted in september 2010. thanks
2010-07-15 11:15:43 Granddaughters like to play #1 some readers i noticed were rather rude calling the author and readers pedo bastards. can i ask a simple question....if they didnt want to read about gramps/fathers/brothers etc fucking little relatives/daughters/sistersgrandaughters etc then why pick a subject like INCEST to read.surely there are other subjects that would please these people. the moral i trying to make is IF YOU DONT WANT TO READ ABOUT YOUNG DAUGHTERS/SISTERS ETC BEING FUCKED BY THE GRAMPS/FATHERS AND BROTHERS DONT READ INCEST STORIES!!!!
2010-07-25 17:30:56 probably heard her dad calling her names and swearing in front of her, thats probably how she knew how to swear.