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2010-07-02 01:15:24 MOM WAS A DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE From Oediplex 8==3~ : Dear readers, yes some details got fudged, I started at one point and finished some years later and didn't edit carefully on this one. I have plenty more I'll be posting and they will be better. Read all my stories if you like my style, but I can't please everyone. Have another cum on me with the next postings!
2010-08-04 23:32:26 MOM'S SLIPPERY SLOPE From Oediplex - The Injustice of Plagiarism - I posted the story "Mom's Slippery Slope" an original by myself, as all my posts are, at two other well known sites in the fall of 2007. But the person called 'crazytownfucker' posted it on XNXX in May this year, 2010, without acknowledging my authorship. It has been well received with nearly 71000 hits and close to 90% rating, as a number of my narratives have similarly been popular. The story ought to be posted as mine, or a by line added to correct the situation.
2010-09-18 03:11:50 DRESSED UP WITH NOWHERE TO GO Sorry to those who are not happy with my style - the muse made me do it - that's just the way it comes out; it's not meant to be high falutin but that's me, well educated and I don't write down to the 'groundlings'. On the other hand, people complain about my poor grammar, justifiably so. If you don't like my narratives don't bother to read me or skip to the dirty parts. Some can't understand Shakespeare or James Joyce, different strokes for different folks. Certain guys want me to have mom impregnated, or like anal scenes - you can't please everybody.
2010-11-25 21:37:11 It's different strokes with the other hand too. The original of this narrative (strictly mommy/son material) was posted by a third party under the same title and more of my original work is found on this site.
2011-06-06 04:22:50 MORE THAN JUST MOTHER AND SON FROM OEDIPLEX - Get your pin-up and photos quicker by emailing me, use the contact through XNXX