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2010-06-05 01:52:13 DOMINATE ME Thank you. I'm actually working on a story that i intend to make an entire book out of then the prequel... Yes, same theme. Will be posting chapter one soon. One thing. in this story, my husband is already my Master and I am still rebellious even though I love it at least to start. The prequel, my meeting him and my "training"
2010-06-15 19:24:45 DOMINATE ME You would have to hear the rhythm for it to sound right lolz and stfu ejls, I'm not even a guy READ IT!!! LOOK AT MY NAME!!!! LOOK AT MY PROFILE!!!!!!!!!!!!
2011-10-18 20:03:17 DOMINATE ME I have my own rhythm to it. You would have to hear how it is supposed to be said to hear the rhythm