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Hello there and thank you for taking your time to browse over my page! :D As you all know, I enjoy reading mostly Gay stories. I find them quite "orgasmitastic"!  I'm mostly into mature men penatrating young boys, but what excites me the most is sexual activity with young boys! :) it's so cute, in my opinion that is. Most of my stories are probably going to be based on Gay activity, but I will also throw in some straight sex too. I fing Straight sex good too, but not as strong as Gay sex. I'll try my best to balance them both and if you'd like anyone can send me suggestions or ideas. I find beastiality..odd and it's really not my thing, but I do find little boys with bunny ears or a cat tail pretty exciting! ;) I'm really into Shotas. I find young manga/anime boys commiting sexual acts quite adorable, lol! My fetishes are a bit odd, but we all have something weird we adore! :D Thank you again for stopping by!


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