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2010-08-07 00:42:52 Visit to Debbie FANTASTIC rendering of a story so HOT !! Thank you Ruth38, and keep on Writiting !!
2010-08-14 22:57:41 Emily Goes To Vegas EM, darling. You write just as passionately as I imagine you make love. :) MANY thanks.
2010-08-15 17:08:55 Vera's bad day GRRRREAT STORY, Starbuck. Vera's day turned out a bit better than she thought ! :) CONTINUE ???? Oh my goodness, YESSSSSSS ! (please)
2010-08-15 17:37:40 My Disastrous Night HOT PLOT, w1drng. I'm for getting ALL cast members involved in a doggie swapping, pussy pounding, cum shooting
Jamboree !! lol Keep up the writing. You are a talented individual.