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2010-06-15 20:00:55 I loved this story....I read this one first I probably should have read them in order. I'm currently "in training" to be more like Millie. For our anniversary my husband is going to cum on my face, put me in a cute collar he bought me and take me to eat at a fancy place in a very short miniskirt and no panties. Anytime someone asks about my face decorations I have to tell them what it is and that I love my master dearly with a huge smile. Last time we went out I wore a rope outfit which wasn't as bad, had to explain that too though. Maybe some of that could go into Millie's next adventure. Also out of love for my husband I got my pussy tattooed for his birthday while the guys at the parlor took pictures and videos. My husband still has them on his computer lol. Can't wait for the newest Millie story! :)
2010-06-16 05:45:33 Fan-fucking-tastic! Literally. I read them all in a day and I came so many times I've lost count. I can't wait to give my husband these suggestions for our next humiliation outings!
2011-03-08 02:23:57 Eric Draven, it's called fiction. People get enjoyment out of seeing cops shoot the bad guys in movies. What makes this different? Just because it offended you? If you have such delicate feelings then why were you in any section that this would be listed under? Incest, bestiality, rape...? Sounds like you're a hypocrite and aren't getting much pussy yourself. No one likes a whiner.
2011-03-12 23:19:40 Just wanted to say I love your stories.
2011-03-13 17:36:00 I didn't read this all the way through I just read chapter 11 because I didn't want to ruin the dog chapters that were segmented. Amazing story. I just hope whining people didn't influence your decision to change your story at the end.