Comments from justicepr

Date Story title Comment
2010-06-23 18:41:33 The Awakening of Katie II It was a good story, however some parts of it were a little long winded, but overall I liked it.
2010-06-23 18:51:15 The Awakening of Katie The story was Amazing, It was very long, but still amazing.
2010-07-26 19:14:57 The Beauty and the Cock I liked your story. Your grammer is rough, and need improvement
2010-09-05 01:47:06 Abby And My Wife Not sure whats next, but I'll let my perverted imagination think of a good one.
2010-09-06 13:30:22 Abby And My Wife Just to let you readers know. My stories about Abby are Fiction.
I put them in the true catagory because some of my other stories are hear and it makes it easier to find the continuations.