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2010-07-01 03:12:52 I just joined because a friend sent me a link to a story here, that got me going and your story just made me orgasm beautifully :)

THANK YOU and I hope to have your demon powers one day ..... Ohhh the wild fun you could have :)
2010-07-03 00:15:33 The dead Girl Ohhhh so intense..... This paragraph made me orgasm "After about 10 min the drugs started to take effect and Her head rolled from side to side as I pulled her up front with us. I took her panties off and lifted her nightgown so that Rod could get a preview of the little fuck hole he was about to destroy."

Hmmmm, I could visualize the whole thing, her tiny body, the excitement in both of your faces, the absolute lust in your minds..... god what a turn on.

Thank you :)