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2012-01-07 17:12:04 Paranormal Phenomenon Reposting with out permission from the orginial author is still in my eyes Theft .. So YOUR the asswipe, then again you probaly have no moral value anyways so FOAD
2012-11-14 23:15:17 Twin Japanese Nieces Pt14 If the cousin does stay then it evens out things a bit after all if she is alesbian at least Erin will have somebody after all she is the only one now that doesn;t have someone to sleep with each night , after all saki now sleeps with kayato and Mike, Shiori with mark and poor Erin by her lonesome... poor girl
2012-11-29 21:57:20 More Mika please or at least another chapter of JUST mika, less christina, she has mroe focus entiore story then mika has
2012-12-16 23:03:39 Twin Japanese Nieces Pt17 Sorry to hear about your losses. Prayers are with you and your remaining loved ones in this time of grief.
2013-05-04 23:39:58 The Ten of Them. Chapter 26 Was great to work with you on this chapter, hope to do it again though you did spell my name wrong lol, Its Dimek not Demik.