Comments from avanak_bg

Date Story title Comment
2010-09-24 01:24:56 The Attempted Escape Seems to me 'caulking' a gun might cause trouble with it firing... 'cocking' might have worked better. the story might have ended sooner. I do love the themes of rape and murder in a story, but to constantly have to stop reading and figure out what word you really meant is very distracting.
2010-09-24 01:27:04 Triple threat. far too many misspellings and too much horrible grammar to even read past the first couple of sentences.
2010-09-24 01:34:01 Garbage Dump Gang Rape It's not particularly interesting or coherent, and it does make you shake your head in disbelief far too much. The spelling/grammar errors don't help. Note: I like rape stories, so that's not my problem at all. This is just isn't good.
2010-09-24 01:37:22 My first rape Spell check is absolutely, 100% necessary. But so is understanding of sentence/paragraph structure, and this shows none. Also, a story that is 100% narrative, and no dialog at all, is boring as hell.
2010-09-24 01:39:31 The Red Dress spelling, grammar, sentence structure, absolutely no dialog... and I roll my eyes every time I read a story about a young, teen lady who has super-gigantic tits.