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2010-07-27 01:20:47 Crazy 9 Month to Come - Part 1 No, I am actually Italian and Colombian. Nevertheless, it runs in the family fortunately.
2010-07-27 02:25:03 Crazy 9 Month to Come - Part 3 Well part 4 is going to have the same title and I am current working on it now and I would hopefully like to have it up for the readers my Friday. Thanks for the support and make sure to check in to read part 4.
2010-07-27 02:53:34 Crazy 9 Month to Come - Part 2 Its okay thanks’ for the constructive criticism. I am multilingual English is my third language next to Italian and Spanish and language art’s was never my favorite subject and don’t think it ever will be, but thanks for the constructive criticism and I hope you keep reading.