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2010-09-14 21:12:38 Pleasure Cruise, Part 1 To "wantsum.;". My apologies for the formatting but that happened when I uploaded the story. I'll do much better next time. Thanks for the comments. Greatly appreciated. To those who are anonymous, I offer no comments. I'm all for good or bad reviews but your anonymity tells the tale.
2010-09-14 21:14:43 Pleasure Cruise, Part 2 I appreciate the comments - good or bad. It helps in future stories but anonymity gets no comments back.
2010-09-14 21:15:59 Pleasure Cruise - Part 4 Pregnancy is not my thing but I will have some new twists when I get time to write on this series again.
2010-09-18 20:53:24 A Trip To Remember My apologies to the readers. I failed to post this story for edit first and it's difficult to read with no spacing. It was formatted before posting but I forget they don't stay that way when they get posted here. I hope you can overcome that. I'll be more aware in the future.
2010-09-19 21:43:03 Blackmailing Jenny I have to agree with the comment that the shitty comments come from those who just can't get it up with a good story. I also agree it appears English may be a second language with you and you did very well. Don't get flustered with the "anonymous" deragatory comments. We all get them.