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Date Story title Comment
2010-09-29 07:45:34 Jayson Good, quick, story. I thought the stripping in the mirror to be a little contrived, but it still worked well.

One more thing, you readers leave a comment. Pos/Neg votes are good, but the comments are what helps improve the story.
2010-09-26 07:53:32 Power Tools Day 01 The story's too robotic, just like the character. Lost me about halfway through.
2010-09-30 05:30:15 A Family Thing part 2 You tell a good tale, nicely paced and finishing well. I don't know that Live should get pregnant again ... they seemed to be pretty much in agreement about the vasectomy, and it fit the storyline well. You write what you write - thoroughly enjoyable.
2010-10-02 05:47:06 Instant Messenger 1 I normally don't care much for stories told in 3rd person, but it fit the setting in this one. Not bad, not bad at all.
2010-11-16 06:16:57 Tribe I see that putz chilldude74 is using the comments as his personal billboard again.

It was a good story, but a little hard to read because of the lack of emotion. Flat, no excitement to it at all.