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2010-08-06 17:38:14 Tommy and Jade Great story....would love to see more.
Only one problem tho...when you wrote this..."Tommy didn’t even realize that Jade had unclasped his belt, and was starting to snake her hands into her boxers.

“J-Jade! I-I’m about to-“

“I know,” Jade said after she took Tom’s cock out of her mouth. “I want it, all of it. Cum for me.”
You never mentioned that she was doing that to him and yet she just happened to be there.That's the only real mistake i can see
2010-08-09 20:01:32 Sharing My Room With Sis: Sharing My Computer a very interesting story...can't wait till ch 5
2010-08-20 14:14:59 Marianna. Part 1 Hoping to see part 2 very soon.
And when it come to the beginning part i liked it...i like story's with actual STORY to it lol.
2010-08-22 00:47:19 Mom's surprise at basic training Great story liked it but i would jut like more details when it came to the sex part of the story. Like the feel of her insides and explain what how how he or she was doing, like the part when she was giving him a blow job. I felt like the sex scenes went by too fast. Also you should give more details of the male character as to know what he looks like.

2010-08-22 00:52:09 Sharing My Room WIth Sis: Deep Asleep Glad to see another chapter come up. Was a great chapter but i just wish it was a little longer, anyway hoping to see ch 6 soon.