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2010-08-08 22:56:51 Fucking Ashley A tad short seeing it jumps to conclusion in the middle, next time try splitting it. It was pretty good, only part you should have put in was her giving you a blowjob
2010-08-10 06:37:26 iCarly: iHave Sex I love the show, and truly, that was the perfect setting. EXCELLENT! Also my favorite!
2010-08-11 04:19:49 The Chaperone Blues I read the first few paragraphs, after that, I said fuck it, dude or lady, you have to write it shorter than that, others may find it interesting but no offense, but it was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to long. Sorry, but that's how I feel.
2010-08-11 04:48:37 Discrete Office Fun I wish I was the one fucking that hottie, even though I'm young. She can suck my cock anywhere any time OWW lol

Good Job!
2010-08-12 01:57:07 A Night With My Younger Step Sister Hotter than most stories I've read, good job!

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