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2010-08-11 14:33:35 Sharing my wife My ex and I have played around in bar and nightclubs. Love it when she is acting like a slut, very big turn on.
2010-08-18 03:49:46 Rock concert I will never forget I enjoyed this story but it was a little bit short. Could have gave more detail on the guys fucking the woman. What was the husband doing during the concert? Even if he have had a few drinks I sure that he turned to his wife from time to time and would have seen her tits out.
2011-02-04 02:07:13 The first time I wached my wife at home While at a nightclub dancing with my wife we let another guy dance with us. He were behind her and she leaned and whispered to me that the guy had his dick out. He only rubbed it between her legs but I so much was hoping that he did fuck her. We talked about going out and finding a third.
2016-01-24 22:56:47 A Strangers Cum Part One Wow, Sue sounds like the slutty girl for me. Loved how the mother got horny listening to how her daughter was getting fucked. Kathy sounded like she would have loved being fucked ganged fuck on the beach also.
2016-01-25 00:54:41 A Strangers Cum Part Two The start of the story was a little weak because dry cum just don't stick like crazy glue. The rest of the story was know where near a good as the first part. I give it a 5 out of a 10 rating.