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2011-09-13 21:19:32 In The Forests Of The Night (with paragraphs) I'm not much of a snuff person, but this is well written and had good thought added in. I overall liked it, but I knew she was going to die.
2011-10-09 10:23:22 BLACK FUCKS> White I adore your blog and I'm a 50 yo white bitch boi that only hopes black men don't forget us older submissive baby boomers. I think of nothing else 24/7 except where I might have another strong ahpha dominate black man. Being slapped around, twisting my nipples, make me drink his piss, drive his huge cock deep into my ass/pussy while I squeal like the fucking piggy I am and degrade me at every moment so I can never have any doubt that he is my master, my superior, and my god. May I aways worship black cock as my lord.
2011-10-09 14:23:11 Gang Force Part 1 Dumb ass white boi should have kept his mouth shut. He was asking to be turned out. Well I don't know that but it sounds good to me.