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2010-03-21 19:02:53 The Membership holy damn, i'm not much for the lesbian action, but i would love to be talked to like that while fucking my dog. i gotta say it to myself, lol. german shepherds are certainly the best fucks. good story. should not have read it at work, haha.
2010-03-21 19:16:45 Primal Urge hmm, kinda similar to what i write, but with 6 billion humans on the planet, nothing's original anymore. still, very hot.
2010-05-18 13:27:19 Elf Girl It was ok. Kinda dry. Not a lot of detail, not terribly believable, and you really need paragraphs, it all meshed together so it was hard to keep track of where I was. The scene, and the characters were worthwhile. Build on them. Otherwise not too bad.
2010-05-26 03:48:30 Druids Ordeal - Chapter 6 Very interesting. I'm going to need to read all of them now that I read this one. I also write about magically worlds and the like, so I must see how you put your world together.
2010-05-27 01:31:03 Vindictus, The Dark Lord (Parts 1 & 2) I believe you have read my stories, thus I return the favor. As a fellow author, I must say, with a little more polishing this could be a wonderful story. However, because you are writing in the first person, she can't possibly know what the king is thinking. And neither can the audience for they are seeing everything out of the main character's eyes.

Second, for being so small, I think his size would tear her to pieces. Like riding a whale.

And thirdly, more explanation of the bond between humans and demons. If every time they fucked they got more violent, they'd start killing every member of the same gender they saw. Also, more explanation as far as how the demons are made, why are there humans in the demon realm, and that fun stuff. Otherwise, an excellent story with great potential! I liked it. Only, when he scratched her she made no show of feeling it... that was a little odd.