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2010-08-11 18:41:18 Jessica, My Next-Door Neighbor Dude I would say take away her virginity for and idea. I mean you can do it at any pace you want. Of course i saw that she was going to stay the night and i don't think her parents will be pleased about that so fit that in somewhere so it makes sense. Of course i may have missed something on that so my bad if i did. Just make it at least as good as this one. You write very arousing stories and you should keep doing it.
2010-08-11 18:42:48 Jessica, My Next-Door Neighbor Oh ya i forgot to tell you to make most of your stories about young people. More people like those and they are my personal favorite.
2010-08-13 02:29:53 You are CRAZY talented. I am adding this series into my favorites and giving all positive ratings.

2010-08-13 02:31:25 Dude plz continue the story somehow. this is awesome