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2011-05-18 02:45:48 Dad and his Girls Thanks for the comments so far. I really do need to work on my spelling and Grammar. I am dyslexic so I tend to get words and things mixed up. I am going to try much harder for the next one tho. Any thoughts on where the stories would like to go in the future. I have some Ideas. R.E the Psychic/Physic thing. I just spell checked blindly. Apologies
2011-05-19 02:29:55 Dad and his Girls Thanks again for the comments everyone. I had the girls in my head at about those ages. But the reason I left it blank was for the reader to fill in for themselves. That's why I left the descriptions of them vaguer too. Ive started on the second instalment after getting such good feed back. After reading a few times I can see what I need to change.
2011-07-11 08:29:41 A Summer Friendship Part 2 Really nice story devoloping. I cant wait to read the rest.
2011-07-12 08:28:41 Me and Milly - Part 3: Her House Any thoughts on where the series could go? Would love to hear thoughts.
2011-08-01 07:47:51 Caught II Absolutly fantastic. I always think there isnt enough Mon/Son stories on here. You going to do a 3rd part?