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2011-07-03 22:16:31 Leaving Home: The Story of Candy Lane - CAW7 NIce and smutty. I enjoyed it. I would have liked to see less loose ends and just the major mistaken-identity left open. It would have been a killer cliffhanger and a wicked way to jump start the next part to this. If this was meant as a stand alone piece, then the ends should be wrapped up.

All in all, though, a good read. I enjoyed the sex and the sense of desperation driving it. I thought it was nice that your directors actually paid the cash when she was out rather than just stiff her the fees and run. Sleazy people can be counted on to be sleazy, and renegade smut makers count as sleaze.


2011-07-03 22:31:37 Playing With Fire - CAW 7 I like how you built up the tension before the sex - and I like the way you took the challenge in a new way. I liked it!

2011-07-03 23:00:13 Penny, May I Rescue you from Hell? ELP hit it on the head, sex and violence does well. I like the happy ending spin, although most people don't have the balls to still care for someone they saw fucking someone else.

Good story. Positive from me.
2011-07-03 23:20:28 The King in Yellow Fantastic! I've used elements of Cthulhu Mythos as part of a larger cosmology, but this had the same echoing nihilism that Lovecraft wrote in. It was beautiful yet deranged, as perfect a contribution to CM as I heard.
2011-07-03 23:37:32 Turn Out The Lights Anonymous, did you look at the tags prior to reading?