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2010-09-01 22:04:11 The Twilight Saga :New Moon : Bella gets raped. You should seriously work on your spelling and overall English. It was insanely hard to read, dumb ass.
2010-09-02 00:14:01 The Rape of Persephone Awesome story! Great job!
2010-09-07 22:13:31 Two Boys Babysitting Thanx so much for standing up for me! I totally love you for that!
2010-09-07 22:14:03 Two Boys Babysitting 2 I know! That's my point! Thanx for backing me up!
2010-09-14 14:21:44 Earn it Thanks for the tip, but that is just his character. That's how he really is in real life! I can't change him just for the story. He's Luke, and he is what he is.