Comments from TallStranger

Date Story title Comment
2010-08-26 20:05:39 She Likes To Watch (Part 2) Excellent...very well written and a real cock raiser...and more! :)
2010-08-29 08:56:22 Running Partner For a "quick hitter" this is a fine piece...and so was she ;) Nice work.

...and sometimes a cigar is just a cigar...if you follow my meanin'...
2010-08-30 17:19:46 Candy The Babysitter PLEASE USE PARAGRAPH BREAKS...I simply can/will not read a piece of writing that is so poorly formatted.
2010-08-31 07:51:08 Double Trouble? Sorry about the typos folks...gotta do a better job proofing....and many thanks for the comments and votes....Part 2 is on the way!
2010-08-31 19:58:40 Very well written....I noticed only twoor three "questionable" spellings that I could not reconcile, which maybe the difference between US/UK English. We are, at times, seperated by a common language. ;)

I thought your pacing was very good....and the descriptions very well well done, also.

You could easily make this multi part.....but it's the author's choice....carry on!