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2010-09-02 13:37:05 The Knock on My Bedroom Door Excellent piece of work....brought back a similar memeory for me...instead of my neighbor it was my second cousin....god she was hot....sucked my cock daily all summer when we were both 16....although she only fucked me 5 or 6 times....I was in heaven.
2010-09-03 07:28:25 Double Trouble? Thanks for pointing that out...and having looked at it again, I would have worked better a few paragraphs lower.

Glad the story made you wet....hopefully you didn't it go to waste!
2010-09-04 06:29:11 Double Trouble? - Part III Sorry the use of the Ellipses bothers you and yes I do tend to overuse them in what appears to be an unsucessful attempt to add informality and a more "conversational" style to my writing.

I'll try to do better in the future. Thanks for your suggestions.
2010-09-08 13:29:18 Double Trouble? - Part III guys did a great job explaning the proper use of quotation marks, and yes, they do give folks problems. Also, you are correct that each line of dialog, spoken by a different speaker, is a seperate paragraph. It is also true that there are one word sentences but they are mostly found in dialog. there are exceptions such as exclamatories.

The person that was giving me a hard time about punctuation I thought was objecting to my use of the apostrophe. Since I really didn't feel like giviing a lecture of the possessive case and contractions I just apologized for "annoying him" (with proper use of the offending apostrophe) and moved on.

I am also a VERY poor proofreader...but being blind in one eye his sort of a handicap. ;)

Thanks for the comments....part IV is coming...but I'm not happy with it yet....not flowing like I want.
2010-09-15 11:37:56 My life with Steph (and her sister) Very good opening chapter...keep at it!