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2010-09-15 22:54:52 Broken In By Uncle Really good story...I liked the narrative approach...excellent style and content!
2010-09-17 20:58:17 Double Trouble? Part IV You nailed it...err...her, my friend, exactly the woman I was thinking of as I wrote the story. Truely a walking wet least for me. :)
2010-09-18 15:02:30 Dad Takes Me Calling Nice story...I had an affair for two years with the older married sister (mother of 3) of a girl I dated off and on. The married sister taught me a TON about sex and in particular how to drive her (and most women) absolutely nuts with lips, tongue, and cock. Her hubby traveled on Tuesday & Thursday nights every week, she out her kids to bed by 8 at the latest, so I had all the pussy I could handle for my last two years of high school.

Unlike our traumatized friend below, I think it was one of the best things that ever happened to me!
2010-09-18 15:26:29 My Life - I fuck two new girls on the local common Very nice...I enjoyed reading it!