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2010-09-28 10:38:27 The Kiss A hot story! Please continue, your getting there with the refinements.
2010-09-29 18:27:42 The Piano Teachers' Pussy Great story, I had one piano teacher that was hot, and I wanted to fuck her too.
2010-10-25 12:08:30 Give my wife a baby. Dam funny joke, I laughed a lot. Thanks!
2010-10-30 21:58:07 Anticipation She told her girlfriend "Connie" what had happened, now she wanted some. How about a 3 some I suggested. They said what we all waiting for? "Anticapation II" is coming up soon.
2010-11-19 23:03:28 Missy, Brother and Dad (double incest) first name, Sean, middle Josh, Missy hates the name Sean, so she call him Josh, I explain this in part 2