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2010-09-14 21:58:47 A bumpy ride to camp Crystal Lake Hehe you picked up my reference to Friday the 13th. :P
2010-09-16 13:26:34 A bumpy ride to camp Crystal Lake My apologies. I didn't check it out too much. I'll make sure to in future stories. :P

Can I edit this story or is it stuck like that forever?
2010-09-20 14:32:39 School gloryhole I wasn't really planning on doing a sequel, if you check my other stories I haven't made sequels for them either. For this one I wasn't planning, the others probably.

I enjoy writing the lead up to the situation, sequels don't really have lead ups since it already happened in the original. :P
Right now I'm trying to fix my style and work on another story. I've got 5 ideas written down somewhere and I gotta choose what one to do. :P
2011-01-23 14:24:26 A bumpy ride to camp Crystal Lake Hi all. Sorry for the long wait, I'm afraid you must wait even longer. I had written a draft for the rest of the story ages ago and I've only recently gotten around to writing it out properly. I wrote 17 pages of it yesterday. Hopefully I should finish soon. It does not feel like 3 months ago that I posted this. Sheesh time flies.