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2010-09-01 21:59:08 I laughed so hard reading this I pee'd a little. Looking forward to reading more from you. Thanks for sharing. Ha
2010-09-01 23:17:14 Murder in Court. Maybe it would have been funnier if he had fucked them to death with the hammer. I'm just saying....I did smile thou.
2010-09-01 23:37:28 The Leprechaun I wish you never tell a joke again, you made a good effort and the leprechaun enjoyed it even thou he didn't cum. All hell the joke stinks.
2010-09-02 12:32:21 The Bookworm, the Dog, and Me Kids can be so nasty.
2010-09-02 20:17:07 Gina gets it What the fuck, do people really do that. Ok go blow out another hole. And what's with the Merlot syringe. Wow you learn something new each day. Thank Mars its fiction.