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2010-09-05 19:08:40 Sharing My Room With Sis 10: Abby's Fear I love how you don't fully make it all about sex. The way you express their feelings for one another is amazing. I love stories with emotion, sex, and a plot line. I read this whole series and its safe to say I have came over and over again reading this. I have never been so turned on in my life, thanks to you. Your an amazing author and you have inspired me to post my own stories. If you decide to continue this series please notify me so i can keep reading on, and if you choose not to continue the series. Create a new one. Even a better one if thats possible.

I have a few ideas you could put into the series if you continue it.

1. Have Abby try out the dog.
2. Have Abby get analized by her brother
3. Have Izzy and Abby go at it, then have Abby's brother walk in on them and join; Hence: A threesome.
4. Have a story of them grown up, into fully dangerous bondage sex.
5. Have their mother go on a trip for a while, leaving them alone for a week or two.
Take those into suggestio
2010-09-24 17:31:51 Dear Emmiegirl,
You have extreme talent <3
This story has made me quite the horny fellow,
Also is this true to you? or just fictional?
Also continue the store :'D