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2011-03-20 12:30:36 Angel: Destroyed by Dad - parts 1 and 2 Thanks for the constructive feedback guys-- I am definitely not going with romantic on this story as you see, I wanted to try doing one that was kinda dark. I really appreciate the actual feedback, as most of the time people either give dumb comments or no comments at all, just negative ratings that give the author no clue as to why the story wasn't liked.

The next chapters give Angel some relief, just a little pleasure, but no romance, just a head's up...

Of course I don't condone this kind of stuff in reality, it's just a fictional story. It's not my preferred themes, but sometimes I just have to break away from the stuff I usually write to do something different, I'm sure you guys know what I mean.

Happy reading, thx again commentors!
2011-03-20 12:47:13 First Time Fuck - With the Family Dog Thanks for the comments, guys. As far as the main character's age, I have been really careful about including ages in my stories now since this site deleted a few stories of mine before. I'm just trying to prevent my works from being removed since this site is now officially "anti-pedo stories".

I tried providing some context clues -- think high school age or younger.

Regarding the girl not having sex with her brother--- I thought about having her screw the brother, but it seemed sort of cliche. I wanted to save her virginity for the dog.

I respectfully disagree with the comment that a story should be a realistic reflection of life -- a story can be whatever the author wants it to be, as it is a creation from within the mind.

Thanks again for the comments, happy reading
2011-03-20 12:55:55 Gang banging J.J.'s little sister Thanks for the comments! This one has been one of my least liked stories, apparently-- I think people actually think I'm a gang member or condoning gang violence, which is definitely untrue. I had the character brag in the beginning to set the story up, since he's supposed to be a gang member and all, it's not like they're known to be a polite, wholesome bunch.

I'm glad there have been some sexy ladies making some sexy comments, though!
2011-03-24 15:28:43 Confessions of a Cock Slut: Craving for Dog Meat conclusion Why does it matter? As noted this is fiction, not a true story. I write stories from both male and female perspectives- you can confirm this by checking out my various posted stories. The female perspective ones seem to get higher ratings.
2011-03-28 00:15:13 Confessions of a Cock Slut: Craving for Dog Meat Poster from 3/24--

Oh dear me, I'm such a virgin, I ain't never seen dog sex videos before, shucks someone caught me! I feel so exposed! Please. Thanks for your assumptions and your lame lecture. My stories are hot, unlike your clinical, unsexy description of the act. Let's see your stories, since you know so much more they must get us off so much easier and harder! Ha!