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2010-09-12 01:12:21 Daddy Urges Pretty good! I give a 3.5 outta 5. Points taken away cos some of the wording is awkward. Work on the grammer and keep it up!
2010-09-12 01:20:21 Daddy Urges 2 I'm reading your stories in order and giving my first impressions. Honestly, I thought part one was better. The grammer/wording make it difficult to read and it seems like you rushed this. More detail is needed. The story itself is pretty hot, but daddy-daughter sex almost always is if you're into it. But I think this is a rough draft at best.
2010-09-12 01:31:22 Daddy Urges 3 Agreed: Mom's roleplay was very hot. Gives me some ideas for stories of my own.

LOL moment: "Alice I want your ass?"

Still, not bad!
2010-09-12 01:38:25 I love this story; I've read it atleast a dozen times and it doesn't get old. My only complaint is a general one - I hate it when the writer keeps on mentioning how big his dick/balls are. I don't like seeing a lot of cock in my porn and I certainly don't like reading descriptions of dicks and balls. Keep the details about the girls.
2010-09-13 21:46:51 Lisa @ 4 Hot, thanks for posting.